The story of the historical owner of the tobacconist Matera.

Bice Domenica Moliterni, better known to the people of Matera as Bice, was an institution for our city and today, after more than a year after his death, his name continues to exist thanks to Mr. Eustace Nicoletti who took in his hands the reins of the business. The latter answered cordially to some of our questions.Bice was born in Matera during the First World War and has always lived in his shop with his mother, he has never married and has done its customers their family. He worked with love to the end, despite being ill.

The business was founded in Matera in 1916, in via Fiorentini, the Sassi. The first owner was his uncle sharpshooter, then the shop pass to his mother and later to the same Bice. Initially the activity was located in the Sassi and were sold loose cigarettes, salt and small household items, then over time it has grown and now, after nearly forty years in San Giacomo also becoming a bar.

We asked Eustachio, who now run the business, to reveal any advice for the younger generation who want to open a business in Matera. And he said to us so nicely: “Surely Bice would say that the important thing is to always be kind and generous to all, establish bonds of solidarity with others and work with passion, just as she did for a lifetime.”